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Rajasthan, India’s desert state, the once majestic forts and palaces in the state where feudal traditions still carry on the collection of. Rajasthan where all the country’s similes and metaphors appear to have come together to create a visual extravaganza is for Rajasthan tour travel. Book Rajasthan tour travel taxi with YogiCab.

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Majestic palaces and rugged forts, spectacular deserts, wooded hills and tranquil lakes, bustling towns and quiet villages, amazing flora and fauna and of course the colorful and vibrant people of Rajasthan mysticism, grandeur and rusticity as a complex tapestry. Behind the breathtaking beautiful facade, vacationing expect to find contradictions in the ordinary and mundane aspects. Wherever you travel, especially when you avoid popular tourist destinations, you will come across the unexpected, whether it is a local fair or a bustling bazaar or mind-blowing architectural wonders. The mood in the countryside and from one area to another rhythm changes, and from season to season. Rajasthan Tourism magical fantasies that remain a lifetime memory makes the country.

Located in the north-western part of India, Rajasthan. The 342 239 square kilometers (132 139 square miles) are included. Rajasthan 3’and 30 degrees latitude 23 degrees 12 ‘north and longitude 69 degrees 30’ and 78 ° 17 ‘, is located between the east. Such as many countries in the North Arabian that are located in the same latitudinal belt, compared to Rajasthan is a less harsh climate.

Rajasthan, about 225 km from the southern part of the Gulf of Kutch in the Arabian Sea and is approximately 400 km. Rajasthan is bounded by Pakistan in the west and north-west; Punjab state in northern India; Haryana in the north-east; East south-east Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat in the south-west.

Aravalli mountain range that runs through the state of Gujarat in Delhi nearly vertical cut. Aravalli hills south-east and north-west through the state divide. North-west, covering two-thirds of the state, most of which consist of a series of sand dunes. Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, and in part of the area is part of the districts of Jhunjhunu. In the East, a large fertile tracts.

Rajasthan welcome more than 100 packages, which any type of traveler, to suit any budget and any period is designed specifically Rajasthan tours Rajasthan tour packages and offers. Our commitment to your holiday remains the best and comfortable service. Welcome to the most trusted in Rajasthan in Jaipur, Rajasthan tours own transport and hotel chain is one of the agents, thus clear and trouble free holiday experience in Rajasthan offer. Book Rajasthan tour travel taxi with YogiCab.

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