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2023 Holi celebration

   Holi Celebration In Rajaasthan & Varsana “Colors of Joy and Tradition: Holi Festival Celebrations in Rajasthan” Holi, the festival of colors, is celebrated with great fervor and joy in cities across Rajasthan, including Jaipur, Udaipur, Pushkar, Ajmer, and Nathdwara. Best Holi celebration in Rajasthan . In Jaipur, the Elephant Festival is held on the… Continue reading 2023 Holi celebration

Diwali- The Cultural Festival in India

About Diwali- The Cultural Festival in India Diwali celebration in India: India is a festive country. Hindu festivals are celebrated here with great pomp. 12 months in India are full of festivals. Along with many types of culture in India, the customs, languages ​​and traditions of the people here are also different. Not only this,… Continue reading Diwali- The Cultural Festival in India

Place to visit in Udaipur

About tourist place in Udaipur Udaipur is a very beautiful city among the best places in Rajasthan. The tourists coming from outside countries like Udaipur City very much. The local market here will make you happy. Udaipur is also called the “City of Lakes” because the city is surrounded by lakes from all sides. The… Continue reading Place to visit in Udaipur