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About Jain temple in Jaisalmer:

Like Hindu temples, Jain temples also show the ancient, beautiful and civilization of Jain society. In earlier times, the people of Jain society were very religious, so they used to build Jain temples to increase their religion. These Jain temples are very beautiful and grand to see. visit jain temple in Jaisalmer.
The people of Jain society built temples around the desert city of Jaisalmer and increased their civilization.

If you go to visit Jaisalmer today, then definitely see these Jain temples. All are built of yellow sandstone, and they look beautiful at sunset and sunrise.
The most special thing about these temples is that they present their magnificent architecture.

We will provide you detailed information about these magnificent Jain temples, and they are not only religious places for Jains, but also attractive tourist places of Jaisalmer.

1. Temples inside Jaisalmer Fort

In this fort you will find 7 (seven) Jain temples, and all of them are connected to each other through gates and corridors which are all dedicated to Jain Tirthankaras (spiritual teachers).

1.1 Chandraprabhu Jain Temple:

Chandraprabhu Jain Temple is built inside the Jaisalmer Fort and was built in 1509 AD and is dedicated to the Jain Tirthankara Chandraprabhu. This temple is made of pure marble stones and in the pillars of the temple there are mythological stories of Jain society, elephants and many more idols.
   1.2 Rishabhdev Jain Temple

This temple is very beautiful to see and this Rishabhdev was the first of the Jain Tirthankaras, hence this temple is dedicated to him. This temple is located inside the Jaisalmer Fort, here you will find many statues.

The idol of Rishabhdev is carved out of the most amazing carvings on marble stone.
   1.3 Parsvanatha Jain Temple

Another Jain temple is situated in Jaisalmer Fort which is known as Parshvanath Temple. Parshvanath was the 23rd (twentieth) Jain Tirthankara in whose name this temple is established. The shape of the pillars here is like an arched pylon and it is very beautiful to see. By passing through these pillars, you can see the entire temple.
   1.4 Shitalnath Jain Temple

There is another temple inside Jaisalmer Fort which is known as Sheetalnath. Sheetalnath was the tenth (tenth) Jain Tirthankara, this temple is named after him and there is also a beautiful idol of Sheetalnath inside this temple. The temple here is quite small to see but the design and art of its sculptures are quite beautiful and worth seeing.
   1.5 Shantinath Jain Temple

There is also a temple of Shantinath ji inside Jaisalmer Fort which was built in the year 1536 in the name of Shantinath ji. The idol of Shantinath ji has been made in a very beautiful way with marble stones. You will find here idols of male, female dancers and delicate pillars of other mythological creatures.

1.6 Kunthunatha Jain Temple

You will also get to see the temple of the 17th (seventeenth) Tirthankar Kunthunath ji in the Jaisalmer Fort, this temple is famous by his name.

The temple structure is majestic to look at, and the beautifully carved marble statue of Kunthunath is also quite beautiful and pleasing to look at.

  1.7 Sambhavnath Jain Temple

Sambhavnath ji is the third (third) Jain Tirthankara here, Sambhavnath is the main deity of this Jain temple inside Jaisalmer Golden Fort.

The intricately carved pillars and the main sculptures of the Sambhavnath Jain Temple are very finely carved, and the fine pylons connecting the pillars also attract designs.

An ancient library was also built in the basement of this temple in the 11th century, which contains many original manuscripts of Jainism. You will also find pictures, charts, books and other rare artifacts here.

2. Temples near Jaisalmer :

Here you will find temples such as the ones described below:

   2.1 Lodurva Jain Temple

Coming to Lodurva, you will find a grand Jain temple, which is 20 kilometers away from Jaisalmer. The temple here is famous by the name Parshvanath ji who was the 23rd Jain Tirthankara. Made of yellow sandstone, this temple has a tremendous architectural beauty that attracts tourists.

In ancient times the temple was vandalized and tried to be destroyed several times by the armies of Mahmud of Ghazni and Muhammad of Ghori. Eventually, the Bhatti Rajputs shifted their capital to Jaisalmer, and Lodurva became deserted and its temple remained the only survivor, reflecting Lodurva’s glorious past.

2.2 Amar Sagar Jain Temple

Amar Sagar is a man-made reservoir near Jaisalmer and there is a magnificent Jain temple on the banks of this reservoir, this temple was built by a wealthy merchant, Patwa Bafna Himmat Ram in the year 1928.

Amar Sagar Jain Temple is also known as Adeshwar Nath Jain Temple, and is one with amazing architectural beauty.

The walls, ceilings, pillars, all built with finely detailed sculptures and the lakeside surroundings of this temple, serene ambience and a sacred temple location, all create an enchanting charm that attracts you more and more of this temple. Huh.

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